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Switcharoo is an unassuming, yet captivating, apparatus. This device comprises three electric switches and three colored light bulbs.

Switcharoo distinguishes itself from other magic switch boards by being intentionally crafted to convey a homemade aesthetic. Notably, its design allows for a transparent view of its components, enabling you to reveal the bottom section, switches, lights, batteries, and wiring during your presentation.

Beyond the inherent magic and effects intrinsic to Switcharoo, we have taken an extra step to further elevate the experience. Our objective was to conclude each routine with a truly magical finale. Irrespective of the chosen routines or presentations, our aim is to leave a lasting impression by concluding the performance with a potent and unforgettable effect. This intentional addition ensures that any lingering sense of indifference is definitively dispelled, delivering a compelling and memorable conclusion to every presentation.

Switcharoo is a new type of magic switch board that represents a legacy magic concept that features an arrangement of switches and multicolored light bulbs. The wiring is transparent and conspicuous, clearly indicating the correlation between each switch and its corresponding light source. The enchantment unfolds when the colors of the bulbs’ positions are switched, while each switch consistently illuminates the bulb of its designated color, in spite of the apparent discrepancy in electrical connections.

Previous historic designs of this device concept were limited simply to the fundamental capability of color bulb mixing. Other subsequent designs introduced additional effects, however they adhered to a predetermined routine that limited the magicians’ options and flexibility of presentation. Additionally, older, legacy designs of this concept prevented repeating the presentation to the same audience, as the effects unfold in a consistent, predicable sequence.

Switcharoo Enhancements: In addressing these limitations, Project Enigma has introduced a distinctive feature set for Switcharoo:

  1. Compelling Finale: We have conceived a powerful and enchanting conclusion that is designed to leave the audience captivated.
  2. During the culminating phase of the routine, the volunteer seemingly gains control over the switches and lights using their mind. This enthralling twist ensures that the resulting switch/light combinations mirror the volunteer’s thoughts. Or
  3. During the culminating phase of the routine, a spectator asks you to remove the batteries and Switcharoo still works in that condition to their amazement. This only happens after you supply the magic.
  4. Versatility in Routines: Switcharoo Has three separate modes of operation to overcome suspicion. Its versatility allows you to decide how you wish to present it and you are not bound by a pre-recorded routine. You can reorder your routine at any time, even in mid-presentation. This feature gives you the to craft a sequence and routine unique to your magic persona.
  1. Versatile for performances: Switcharoo can be used successfully in parlor, cabaret, close-up, and virtual settings.


  1. Audience Participation: What sets this device apart is its interactive nature. Switcharoo allows a volunteer to freely rearrange the plastic lids and light bulbs with their own hands. Remarkably, regardless of the adjustments, the switches consistently align with the colors: the green switch consistently activates the green bulb, the red switch the red bulb, and the yellow switch the yellow bulb.
  2. Advanced Bulb Technology: Utilizing LED bulbs, Switcharoo ensures low-power consumption and an extended lifespan for the bulbs. The bulbs are sizeable and equipped with a light diffuser, ensuring optimal visibility from any viewing angle.
  3. Advanced Power Technology: There is no on- and off-switch to worry about. Switcharoo is always ready to perform.  Our power-saving technology puts Switcharoo into a super low-power standby mode after 5-minutes of non-use with all switches in the off position (see instructions below).
  4. Completeness: Switcharoo is sold as a complete product. You don’t have to purchase a holding box and no add-ons are required to purchase for a fully complete device.



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