Stitch Salt Pour


This improved Stitch Salt Pour has many advantages over the standard ones. Please see full product description below for more info.

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All magicians know what a slatpour is and what to do with it. However this improved one has many advantages. Firstly there is a valve to control the flow of salt. It is made in two colors the black inner creates the black art effect against your clothing (if you get my drift) and it looks like there is nothing in your hand with your fingers open. The flesh colored top helps it be disguised appropriately when pouring salt into it. It also has a magnet built into it so it can be used with our engionus hold out products.

The name Stitch comes from the fact that Steve Valentine and Magic Mitch designed this product so it is Steve and Mitch. (get it)

These are difficult to make and very time consuming.


All of our products have a 1 year limited warranty.


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