Sound Ninja



This is a specially made and designed interface for your iPhone or Android device to perform numerous magic effects. These effects are only limited by your imagination. We have designed this kit to be up-gradable with add on modules that we intend to develop in future. (The lawyers say to tell you this might not happen as it will depend on sales of the initial units and cooperation from the factories to make devices in the quantities we need.)

Magic effects that you can currently do with this kit include but are not limited to

  1. Automatic Radio
  2. Soundzamazing
  3. Handy Sound Ultimate
  4. EVP
  5.  Dual Reality 
  6. Make things vanish or appear using sound (explain later in the documentation)
  7. Predictions
  8. Add music to your close-up act with our powerful speaker (as an enhancement, not as a trick)

Some of these effects have been developed by other companies, however this one product can do them all. We cannot give you their routines for those effects, but are sure you are smart enough to figure out how to do them since you purchased Sound Ninja.

Everything is in this kit that you need except for your cell phone or music device. Since Sound Ninja uses Bluetooth technology you can mate the product with just about any Bluetooth device.

What is in the box:

  • Sound Ninja Bluetooth receiver/transmitter
  • Amplified speaker
  • A small extremely directional speaker for performing Dual-Reality effects and EVP
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Car charger dual port
  • AC charger dual port
  • Charging cable for Bluetooth device
  • Charging cable for the amplified speaker
  • Six foot 3.5mm audio extension cord
  • One and a half foot 3.5mm audio extension cord
  • Complementary set of earbud
  •  Also may include depending on stock
    • Wrist band designed to hold the EVP/Dual Reality speaker and amplified speaker
    • Arm/bicep band to hold the Sound Ninja Bluetooth receiver

    Our intent was to create a modular system to allow for future new plug-in modules and applications to use with your Sound Ninja.


Since this product has rechargeable batteries we are now only building them when there is an order. This makes sure you get a fresh set of internal batteries.

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Here are some effects you can do with Sound Ninja


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