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One of my favorite silk gimmicks is the Nikko gimmick, invented by Harry Kellar and sold through Thayer Magic. Based loosely on the Stillwell ball that many may be familiar with (hollow billiard ball used for Silk to Ball or hollow ball with loop of catgut attached for vanishing or producing a silk). Nikko is a hollow ball with a stem and knob attached lending itself to many sleights not possible with the others. Available in flesh color the performer can manipulate it much the same as a billiard ball with the additional ability of gripping the knob (generally in a “thumb palm” position but can also be gripped between the fingers at the front of back of the hand). Also available in black for the black art principle against your jacket etc.

There are many handlings possible with this Nikko but a basic handling is this: The Nikko is positioned mouth up in the left hand (stolen and placed there, transferred from right hand concealment, etc.) and the hand is closed into a loose fist. The silk to be vanished is tucked into the hand
(Nikko) and the last push is the first or second finger which curls around the left thumb during the push causing the neck of the Nikko to exit the loose fist at the finger side of the left hand. From here the neck can be grasped in the right hand thumb palm during a turn to the left. The fingers of the right hand can be loosely (naturally) separated and there should be no view of the gimmick contained in the hand. If used as a vanish during a 20th Century Silk effect you can produce the vanished silk tied between the two others and the gimmick will not affect the handling of the silks in view and the gimmick can be disposed of with those silks.
Use the silk to vanish or produce and experiment with different handlings and positions. Check Rice’s Encyclopedia of Silk Magic for additional ideas and handlings (Vol 1 has information in apparatus methods for producing a single silk). The gimmick is easily stolen from a clip on the body (body load) or in the act of picking up something from a table or something from a pocket. If silk magic is of interest to you then this is a must for your arsenal, it is one of the better ideas and gimmicks.


My friend  Steve Valentine has many different handlings for this gimmick at his teach site MAGIC ON THE GO it is a subscription site that I highly Recommend.




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